Object Line

Are you looking for object template line (object line behaviour)?

If Object can be imagine as an ordinary form, Object Line literally represents one input field. There are several object line types that specifies what information can be stored within Object Line. Those object line types have different object line properties and object template line properties.

Whenever administrator selects the object line three icons appear at the right top corner of the selection. The first is icon for setting access to particular object line. The second icon provides ability to copy object line and the last one allows administrator to change the position of object line.

Object Line type

There are a lot of different types of Object Lines which can add into the Object form. List of them could be found here:

| Combo-Box | can display specific narrowed list of values through a filter. If a filter defining line is disabled filter will not be active so all values are displayed in the combo. |

Object line type Description
Combo-Box can display specific narrowed list of values through a filter. If a filter defining line is disabled filter will not be active so all values are displayed in the combo.
Combo-Box (Search) possibility to search in the list of values by typing relevant input. Same rules for filter as in simple combo.
Combo-Box (server) similar possibilities as for previous combos.
Text-Box (1 line)
Text-Box (multi line)
Sub-grid dynamic table
Empty Space displays empty space for design of form
Check-box (Yes/No)
Date picker
Web frame Displays content of website or HTML in specified frame.
Memo field can be opened to fullscreen by a button on the top menu, code view is available and Help section provides list of useful functions. Can be placed on grid and reacts to search.
Multiselect check-box displays zero-or-more checkboxes aligned underneath. The count and values of checkboxes are according to chosen reference in administration. Multiselect acts as single fieldd on request however on export (both internal and external) and reports is multiselect splits what causes multiplication of the lines
Number range of number can be limited by setting min value and max value i.e. when the percentage is required then min value equals 0 and max value 100.
Radio buttons displays zero-or-more radio buttons aligned underneath. The count and values of radio buttons are according to chosen reference in administration
Report displays result of the report structure
Time picker
Description memo For description which couldn’t be edited, adjustable padding and border
Attachment preview Provides functionality to display PDF or Image (JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, BMP ) in preview frame. Attachment preview must be linked to the specific attachment line of an object by a line id. Preview is displayed through Microsoft Office Web Viewer or Microsoft Office Online Viewer. This feature supports various formats: PDF files, pictures (jpg/jpeg, png, gif, svg, bmp), text documents (doc, docx), tab sheets (xls, xlsx), presentations (ppt, pptx), alternative presentations (pps, ppsx)
Label Enable to use object line data placeholders within the object line label defined in the name. Label is changed immediately after value of the field change.

Admin can easily change multiple Object Line / Object Template Line properties by using Multiple selection of Object Lines


For following Lines it can be set left (Default), center or right alignment:

  • Textbox
  • Number
  • Combobox Search
  • Combobox Server
  • Date picker
  • Time picker


Search for object line

Admin can easily find Object Line, new Object Line Type or Inactive Object Line. This functionality provides interactive search in Tools section. According to value in search input, it automatically highlight the result. In case of highlighting of Object Line, admin can press enter button and highlighted field becomes active.



Now, it is possible to set Relation Object as a middle part of the three-part-relation. The functionality allow admin to make relation between the first and the second object through third object.
Example: Objects City, Station and Train. City consists SubGrid with Stations and Stations consist SubGrids with Trains. In case that it’s required to see Trains in City, setting up City - Relation Object to Station solves the issue.

Related References, Autonumbers etc.

It is possible to setup related entities directly from Object Line property grid. Supported are Reference, Autonumber, and Object Service. By clicking on pencil icon within object line property-grid one can setup related entities within modal window.

Suppress save

Xeelo allows to prevent particular object line to be stored whenever user saves a request. This functionality should be used for supporting object lines which handle result of calculation used within validation. Result should be calculated only once and when it’s actually needed. Providing such configuration can dramatically reduce time of request saving.

For example, if I have object line A and its validation condition referred to result of calculation in object line B. User does not need validation if object line A is editable or not.

On grid

On grid represents layout of list of requests inside particular Object.

On grid definition

On grid display definitions for object (not for sub-grid). Possibility to define on-grid layout for:

  • General
  • My tasks
  • All tasks
  • My items
  • Relation table
  • Relation map

Possible usage of “Copy To” for easier setting.


On grid Search & Sorting

On grid requests can be easily filtered and sorted by search, located in User environment. Which object lines can be used for filtering depends on checkbox On Grid in Object line properties.

Admin should choose object lines carefully because too much object lines chosen has negative influence on grid loading speed and filtering.

There are also custom filters in User environment that allow filtering. Again, Admin has to check the checkbox Custom Filter in Object line properties to allows User to pick particular line.

On grid Tag filter

Administrator can easily provide tag filters to all users who is processing requests of particular object. The only thing is tick Tag in Object line properties.

More about Tag filters here.

On grid label change for Object line

It is possible to display different label of object line on grid. In Admin/Object details/Object line properties/On Grid section - tick checkbox “Label” and write a new value of label into the field “Name”. After saving these changes, label should be displayed in object grids.

Note: It is possible to change labels of lines that are set to row “T”. You are able to display not just the value but also a label of a field (which is to row “T”)

Note: To avoid filling up a capacity of a database and improve performance there is a possibility to transfer data from one storage ID to another by using Attachment Storage.

New stored procedure created on the server with name spAttachmentTransfer with no parameters. Stored procedures returns the list of items that should be transferred from one storage to another:

Transfer should be done by job with name JobAttachmentTransfer that will be periodically scheduled Once the transfer is completed the original AttachmentStorageID and all required field (identifier) should be updated Field AttachmentTransferStorageID should remain unchanged - procedure returns row only if AttachmentStorageID is different to AttachmentTransferStorageID In case of unsuccessful transfer write message into WebLog table as error and continue to next line.

On grid summarization (total)

Administrator can define which Object Lines should be summarized now. The definition can be found in Object > Lines > Object Line Properties > On grid Total checkbox. Xeelo automatically summarizes values inside defined Object Lines (Number type only) and shows them up to users. The summarized total values are hidden right next to custom filters, under a small suma icon in User environment.