Mobile Application Features

Xeelo has now new Mobile application. This application is written in Ionic framework and is going to be available for iOS and Android platforms.

Key features

  • Support multiple profiles - user can communicate to several Xeelo instances based on seleced profile.
  • QR Code registration - mobile device can be registered for particular user simply by scanning QR code
    Creating requests - mobile application supports creating new requests and editing requests in listed My Tasks. New requests can be stored in mobile app and can be submitted in future
  • Offline mode - Requests can be created without network and are sent to Xeelo once network is available (user can select wheather he wants WiFi only or cellular network)
  • Background mode - can be enabled in settings. If enabled (default) pending requests (requests created at a time when network is not available) are submitted once network becomes available
  • Auto-updated - Based on selected profile application itself updates and after successfull download it restarts. This way app will always be fully compatible with Xeelo backend
  • My Tasks (Inbox)
  • Native Notifications - You recieve native notification (if enabled) once some requests appear new among My Tasks. Notifications are grouped per object, tapping navigates to particular Object’s My Tasks grid.
  • Badge Icon - Application icon can be setup to display either total count of requests in My Tasks, count of pending requests (Saved requests or requests waiting for submission) or Notification count (total count of Xeelo notifications)
  • Workflow Actions - Based on notification functionality, Xeelo mobile app allows to perform workflow offline actions

My Tasks

User’s tasks can be listed in My Tasks page. Requests will only appear in mobile app My Tasks page if requests have status with Visible Mobile flag enabled. My Tasks grids all always synchronized with server once Synchronize menu item is tapped or using pull to refresh feature (pulling from top to bottom triggers sync of particular grid). My Tasks can be auto-refreshed (via Settings) even when application is on background (for iOS devices, we’re able to refresh only once per 15min).

  • My Tasks is set as a default page
  • My Tasks are being synchronized during object tree sync
  • Once request is submitted My Tasks are synchronized therefore new requests appears
  • Button refreshes or synchronize My Tasks content

User can use search in mobile application


Mobile application supports delivery of Xeelo Notifications. This feature is very similar to User interface. User can enable or disable auto-refreshing of notifications + refresh interval. (on iOS devices, refresh interval is ignored when app is on backround, application should refresh every 15min) User can also enable or disable mobile notifications. Application shows notification in user’s mobile when Xeelo notifications are refreshed and some new notifications appear.

Workflow Action

Advanced Attachment features

  • Auto resize - If configured, app allows attachment auto-resize (scale down to defined image size)
  • Document Scanner - Alternative to capturing images as attachment is using document scanner (Android, iOS) instead of regular camera. This can be set by admin by enabling Use Scanner on attachment line.
  • Multi-page PDF - When document scanner is enabled, admin can set Format property on attachment line to PDF (multi-page), which will allow to create multi-page PDF attachment composed from scanned images.

Supported Object lines

Mobile application does not support all object line types. It supports only limited set of lines listed bellow

  • Text-Box (possibility to use input mask and filling by Barcode / QR Code)
  • Text-Box (multi-line)
  • Combo-Box
  • Combo-Box (search)
  • Empty space
  • Attachment (including Download of existing content)
  • Number
  • Check-Box
  • Date Picker
  • Time Picker
  • Description Memo (might be broken on iOS when memo HTML refers to unsecured (http) resource
  • Memo (Using very simple HTML editor)
  • Subgrid

Supported Client calculations

  • Dynamic labels (placeholders in Object Line Name)
  • Object-Service (Note: service calls ignores online mode settings)
  • Client-String
  • Client-Math
  • Client-AddDate
  • Client-DateDiff

Supported Validations

All validation types are supported.


Mobile subgrid supports same set of Sub-Line types, Validation types and Client Calculations. Subgrid is currently missing support for deleting an item (Allow Delete flag is ignored). Check this article to setup mobile import including subgrid.

Other Features

  • References (including filtering)
  • Lookups (both numeric range and extact string types, including filtering)
  • Hints - provided as global page of hints (available via help icon)