Xeelo Mobile App 2021 - Register New Device

1. Log into the Xeelo environment by using provided credentials.

2. After you’re logged in, proceed to your user profile details by clicking on your user name in the top right corner - My profile .

3. When you’re in your profile page, select the fourth tab - Mobile devices.

4. In Mobile Devices click on the Register new device button.

5. You will see that Server Adress , Registration Token , and QR Code was generated.

6. Download the Xeelo Mobile app from Appstore. After successful download, open the app and you will see Welcome screen in the mobile app.

7. Hit the Continue registration button. On the following screen, you can choose if you want to Register manually or by Scanning the QR code. In this tutorial, we choose Scan QR code. Scan the QR code generated in step 5. After the QR code is scanned successfully, app redirects you to the screen where you can finalise your registration.

8. Choose name, acronym and colour for your site. After you are done, hit the Start using Xeelo mobile button.

9. Congratulations! Your user profile is now linked to the mobile app on your device and all settings and tasks are synchronised. You can start using Xeelo Mobile.

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