Offline registration of mobile device


Particular user does not have to open User interface in order to register his mobile device, mobile registration can initiate administrator directly from admin.

Add a new tile under User details / Mobile Devices “Offline Registration”. Once clicked, modal will popup with “Email with offline registration link will be sent to xxx@xxx”. Admin will generate special link with custom URL scheme (can be only open on mobile device).

User recieves email and clicks on link. This should either redirect him to app store (in case he does not have app yet) or open Xeelo and start registration.

In admin, we’ll add new setting “Mobile Device Offline Registration Link Lifetime” with default to 7days. This is going to be lifetime of generated link, after this time, link will be no longer valid and registration will fail.

This feature is also available also in User interface. This may be useful, when user does not have his mobile device at the moment.