General Timesheet via Xeelo mobile app

Mobile app gives user ability to share information straight from mobile phone on his/her way home, in pause during busy days or in the evening when is lazy to turn on a computer. Xeelo Team lives in the same world which is the reason why we provide easy and quick way how to report your daily activities!


Entire solution consists of two objects. First, classic General Timesheet that we use everyday (reason why we still have some bread on the table). Each request in object General Timesheet represents reported work in some period of time.

Second, a new General Timesheet - Mobile object which allows us to import information from our mobile phone. It’s literally a supporting object that receives the information and re-sends them to classic General Timesheet. The biggest advantage of such a solution is that you can re-use request in object to report very similar timesheet record. Finally, no more additional taps!

Check Access

At the very beginning, user should check if accesses for General Timesheet and General Timesheet - Mobile were granted to him/her. If so, user should see objects below in My Items. In case user has created any request in those objects, they are visible in My Tasks as well.

If not, user has to contact project manager with the specific request.

For project manager: Access is granted based on TS-Requestor profile in User Management.

General Timesheet

General Timesheet is the main object used for reporting daily activities in Xeelo. Each request in this object represents a reported work in some period of time. What period of time depends on particular Project Manager but usually one request equals one month equals one timesheet.

User can easily add timesheet records in Daily Reporting sub-grid on Timesheet tab. After reporting of all necessary records, timesheet has to be sent in workflow to approval. Based on approved timesheet, user is able to create a new request in object Incoming Invoice.

If user wants to create any request in this object, he/she has to do it via browser.

General Timesheet - Mobile

General Timesheet - Mobile is supporting object for sending timesheet records from mobile app into General Timesheet. Records are divided by days and particular activities. It means that user can report i.e. testing of incident #21 at 16th of October 2018.

All records have to belong into timesheets in General Timesheet. Logically, each timesheet has to be created before record is added and assign to the user (requestor). Otherwise user can not see the timesheet in My Tasks and is not able to add any records within the timesheet.

If user wants to create any request in this object, he/she has to do it via mobile app.


Install Xeelo mobile app

It is not a magic that if user wants to use mobile app, he/she needs to have one. Xeelo mobile app could be found in app store. After installation of Xeelo mobile app, user has to register the app. It establishes connection between Xeelo mobile app and Xeelo.

Registration through Xeelo

User can easily register Xeelo mobile app via browser.

Registration through Link

User can easily register Xeelo mobile app via link in e-mail.

How to use Xeelo mobile app for General Timesheet

It is necessary to create ordinary timesheet via Xeelo (browser) first. Once the timesheet is created, user can open Xeelo mobile app and add timesheet records within the timesheet.

Each records (request) can be used as kind of template of the records. If user creates records for reporting incidents, he/she can easily re-use it again and again. When the timesheet is send to approval, records related to particular timesheet become automatically hidden for user.

Lets see the detailed description below…

Create a new timesheet in General Timesheet

Obviously, if user wants to report daily work he/she has to create a new timesheet (main request). The timesheet has to be created through Xeelo in browser. It contains specific period of time and records of activities.

While creating, the specification period of time is necessary. User has to be very patient about the period because it’s not possible to change it after save. Once user fills all necessary data, saves the request and keeps it opened till the end of period of time. Opened means in Saved status and assign to user (requestor). During this time, he/she keeps adding timesheet records via Xeelo mobile application or Xeelo.

Create a new timesheet record in General Timesheet - Mobile

Once user add a new timesheet which is opened, he/she can easily add timesheet record via General Timesheet - Mobile object. It’s pretty simple:

  1. Open mobile app
  2. Tap on General Timesheet - Mobile
  3. A new record (request) opens automatically or tap on blue plus button in the right bottom corner
  4. Fill the record data
  5. Tap to Finish button
  6. Tap to Submit button

If user can’t see opened timesheet in General timesheet - mobile, mobile app has to be synchronized (guide below).

After submission, submitted record can be found in General timesheet - mobile object (tap on object in mobile app). The data in timesheet record is automatically imported into General Timesheet. The changes are made in a second and user can easily see the summarization of records in General Timesheet - Daily Reporting sub-grid.

If user wants to report any other activity, he/she has to create a new record (step 3.) or use existed one (described below).

Use existed timesheet record

Submitted records (requests) can be easily re-used. Whenever user reports a very similar timesheet record (i.e. Incident or Feature), he/she can use report which is already created. It’s very simple again:

  1. Open mobile app
  2. Tap on General Timesheet - Mobile
  3. Tap on existed record
  4. Fill Date and Hours
  5. Tap to Finish button
  6. Tap to Submit button

Because existed record has already Timesheet, Project, Sub-project etc. filled, it is not necessary to fill anything else then Date and Hours. After submission, the record behave in the same way as ordinary General Timesheet - Mobile request.

Remove existed record from General Timesheet - Mobile

User can remove existed record from object by turning on checkbox Remove from list (at the bottom of the timesheet record).

  1. Open mobile app
  2. Tap on General Timesheet - Mobile
  3. Tap on existed record
  4. Change Remove from list to ON
  5. Tap to Finish button
  6. Tap to Submit button

User doesn’t have to fill all mandatory fields before submission

It automatically removes existed record from General Timesheet - Mobile object.


Unfortunately, we are currently working on automatic synchronization of the app. Therefore whenever user can’t see any data in mobile application, it has to be synchronized. It could be done by scrolling list of object down or go to menu (left top icon) and tap on Synchronize. The automatic synchronization will be part of the mobile app soon.

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