All Items (Browser)

Through Browser you can see all records that have been created in the system by all users. Click on Tasks icon on Homepage or in the upper strip. As Homebutton use Xeelo logo in the top left corner or Dashboard in the upper strip. Then select All Items in menu. Object types that are visible are dependent on the setup.


Upper strip


It is possible to sort and filter all requests that have been created for a given object type. If it is set then it is also possible to update created request in status „completed“. Create a new request is possible in Browser through “+” icon (object action) then select object from the menu.


Requests in All Items are displayed separately for every Company with possibility to collapse/expand the list of individual objects. Number of object type lists will depend on the screen resolution (responsive).

Requests in All Items overview are divided by the request stauts. User can filter requests based on these statuses like „Completed“, „Rejected“, „Submitted“ etc… These statuses are defined by administrator. User can define how many requests will be displayed in the overview. Defining can be done under the status partition. Filtering can be done by selecting „Search“ field and defining text according to which the filter will be done. To confirm defined filter use Enter. To reset active filter, delete defined text and use Enter. Sorting in “Search” can be initiated by selecting „Sort“ field from the list. When this field is defined, request in the overview are sorted. To reset active sorting, select „None“ in sorting field.

Tags representing workflow statuses and roles can be hidden via Manage filter settings accessible through the cog symbol under the search button.

User can use custom (user) filters described here.

Update of a request

Update of a request is possible when a request is in final status (eg. „completed“). To perform update action, click on “Actions” button in request detail and select proper action, for. ex. „Update“ (update action can be named differently, but it has always the same icon: image). According to Xeelo setup, there can be more than one update actions.

Request detail is then displayed again in new window with all fields. Only active fields can be edited. Grayed fields cannot be edited. Adjustments that have been made must be confirmed by „Save“ button in Actions/Save or by “Save” icon. In case you want to close the detail without any changes, click on button „Cancel“ in Actions/Cancel or “Cancel” icon.