My Items (My Requests)

My Items

User has two options how to create a new request (item). From „My Items“ section by clicking on “+” in the top right corner toolbar, user need to choose from list of requests (items). The second option is to create new item on particular object again by clicking on “+”. Both options have similar behaviour, concrete object type needs to be selected before request can be created.
Requests in My Items are displayed separately for every Company with possibility to collapse/expand the list of individual objects. Number of object type lists will depend on the screen resolution (responsive).

After object type is selected, My requests overview is displayed.

Overview displays all requests that could be created by user (it depens on admin settings). It is possible to search in My Items level. It is possible to sort and filter all created requests for a given object type (at a object level).

Requests are divided by the request status. User can filter requests based on these statuses like „Completed“, „Rejected“, „Submitted“ etc… These statuses are defined by administrator.

Tags representing workflow statuses and roles can be hidden via Manage filter settings accesible through the cog symbol under the search button.

User can define how many requests will be displayed in the overview. Defining can be done under the status partition

Sorting can be initiated by selecting „Sort“ field from the list on “Search” button. When this field is defined, request in the overview are sorted. To reset active sorting, select „None“ in sorting field.

Filtering can be done by selecting „Search“ field and defining text according to which the filter will be done. To confirm defined filter, use Enter. To reset active filter, delete defined text and use Enter.

User can use custom (user) filters described here.

Request detail

To open request detail, click on a particular request in My Items overview or use content menu and click on particular request in this menu. Request detail is opened immediately. It is possible to see all details of a request, comments and history.

It is not possible to edit existing data. If you need to edit a request, see chapter Update of a request. Detail of a request may have many tabs. Detail always has General section on the left and History, Comments on the right. Other tabs are defined by administrator.

Request workflow status in diagram

To open request diagram, click on Actions button in request detail and click on “Diagram”. In diagram user can read in which workflow status the request is due to time inscribed in actual step.

Create a new request

To create a new request, click on “+” button in top right corner toolbar in the overview of My Items. Creation of a request can be also performed through All Items, My Tasks or All Tasks.

Creation process for specific object type can contain „Templates“. If they are set, first action when you create a request is to select a template. You have to select the template from list and confirm the selection with button „Continue“. According to selected template, detail will be displayed (eg. distinction between domestic and foreign objects).

If concrete object type doesn’t have a template set, then detail of a request will be opened immediately. User can then fill all defined fields in the detail.

Fields marked with red exclamation mark are mandatory and without their completion, request possibly cannot be created/saved.

Some fields can be unique. You will recognize these fields with green icon with two arrows. This means that only one value can be saved for this field across all requests.

For. ex.: In case 1) Text box (unique) is filled with value „123“. In case 2) Text box (unique) is filled with the same values „123“. System will display red exclamation mark (in case 2) which says that this value is already defined in different request. User has to define a different value.

Same behaviour occurs in forms called „Sub-grid“. Sub-grid is a special form that can be set to concrete object type. By clicking on button „Add“, new window will be displayed with fields that can be specified (Sub-grid form).

Priority – priority can be changed:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Unknown

Requestor – If you have been delegated by another user, you can choose this user as a requestor of a request. Default value is set to current logged user.

Requests Copy

User can create copy of existing request (if set by admin). Click on cog wheel on the right end of the request in My Items overview to display menu and choose “create copy”. Options list displays (MyRequests options list). Click on option “Create Copy” and new request with the same filled fields is opened. User can edit this request and then confirm it by clicking on “Save” button or Actions/Save or close it without saving by clicking on “Close” button or Actions/Close.


Recall request

Recall request is possible in My Items overview (if set by admin). Click on cog wheel on the right side of the particular request and select „Recall request“.

New dialog will be displayed, in which you can either confirm recalling the request (Yes button) or cancel recalling (No option).

Recalling is only possible if request is already in workflow process. If it is only saved then it’s not possible to use recall function. Requests in status „Completed“ and „Canceled“ cannot be recalled as well. User is notified that recall function is not possible in these cases.

Recalled request is returned to pre-defined status which differs according to setup. It is possible to cancel request in this status completely or to send it again for approval.