Mobile Workflow Actions (Offline)

Workflow action can be performed comfortably from the screen of your mobile phone now. This feature makes from Xeelo mobile application not only source of data input but opens an entire new opportunity of using. It can be finally used as a reliable helper on daily basis routine for managers and supervisors.

How does it work

The workflow actions are in the mobile app accessed through notification functionality. Therefore, it’s very important to understand that what user actually sees are workflow offline actions, not ordinary workflow actions.

According to notifications functionality, it should be obvious that user can perform only those actions which received within notifications.

Do not be confused if you can’t see any of them immediately you set up the configuration. Just try to send a new fresh notification with offline object actions and you can perform the actions.

How to set it up

First, it’s necessary to identify statuses which should be visible in mobile application can see and workflow actions which have to be used as offline actions. Then add chosen workflow actions into Notifications and voila! User can see the workflow now.

  1. Identify statuses
  2. Go to Admin - Status - particular status and tick checkbox Mobile Visible
  3. Identify workflow actions
  4. Go to Admin - Workflow - Diagram - particular workflow action and tick checkbox Offline Actions
  5. Create a notification with placeholder {RequestOfflineActions}
  6. Add the notification to chosen workflow step

How does it look like

User can find the workflow actions on three places of Xeelo mobile application: