Object line type Button

Object line type “Button”
New object line type Button introduces an option to add to object / form a button, which is dedicated to trigger linked object action defined for the object.

The Button is a simple control changing its value from 0 to 1 when pushed.

Usefulness of the button is properly explained when the button is configured together with any existing object action in a way that button triggers the respective object action when pushed.

It is possible to set a confirmation when clicked on the button. A dialog window with defined message will pop up with a confirmation. Object action that is linked to this button will not be executed until it is confirmed.

Confirmation can be set in ObjectLine properties:

which works the same as Hints. When there is at least one letter set, confirmation pops up every time.

You will certainly find plenty of cases where to effectively find a use for this feature.

To use the object line type button, you need to:

  1. Place the button on the object
  2. Define the object action you want to trigger with the button including the object action parameters
  3. Set the object action condition in a way, that object action will only be triggered when the value of the object line with button equals 1.
  4. Assign the object action to desired workflow step.

Further to this you may set up button color, validations and labels.

Some additional information can be found in Tips & Tricks


There is a new possibility to use button’s hint in Xeelo. The definition can be found in Object Template Line


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