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For creation of a subgrid there is Setting a name and percentage value for the width of a subgrid.

Layout definition for sub-grid on sub-grid level:

  • Sub-grid right/left padding in px
  • Sub-grid header colour style
  • Sub-grid title font row colour
  • Layout definition for grid (object) level:
  • Grid right/left padding in px
  • Grid header colour style
  • Grid title font row colour
  • Grid system fields proportion

Note: some of the grid styles are currently defined on application settings level (global) this will be moved to object level except the colouring based on grid line status.

On grid

Subgrid on grid represents analogical functionality as for object with one difference - within subgrid, user can see list of records in subgrid (in one request) instead of list of requests. Literally, it’s the visualisation of subgrid items on request. Its ongrid definition is absolutely similar like for object. Admin just puzzles the object lines onto subgrid.

It is possible to display/hide a label of object line on grid and set a different value of a label. In Admin/Object details/Object line properties/On Grid section - tick/un-tick checkbox “Label” to display/hide label. To display a new value of a label, write a new value into the field “Name”. After saving these changes, label should be displayed/hidden in object grids.

Note: Label can be displayed also for object lines that are set to row “T”


Admin can easily set default sorting of subgrid items according to subgrid line. It could be done in section Default sorting on subgrid definition. There is one more interesting field called Sort type which defines you direction of sorting - ASC or DESC.


Allow searching - enabling this checkox gives you an option to use search engine in the current subgrid, set the the Subgrid Lines property grid Search to checked.

Allow paging - paging option will be displayed for a current subgrid, the values 10, 20, 30 nad 50 displayed records can be chosen.

Default paging - if needed there can be set a default value for paging to optimize customisation of a subgrid


Lines of a subgrid are setted analogicaly as are for an object.


For following Lines it can be set left (Default), center or right alignment:

  • Textbox
  • Number
  • Combobox Search
  • Combobox Server
  • Date picker
  • Time picker


Works in a same way as in an Object. Including the setting of a default value with Variables. Addressing of general variable via string {Variable,Code} (same as for format of notification or printout.


When there is a need to have some default values in a subgrid it can be done through a Prefill.

After setting a name for a Prefill and choosing a adequate Template, the specific values for a subject lines are set in a Data.

Related References, Autonumbers etc.

It is possible to setup related entities directly from Object Line property grid. Supported are Reference, Autonumber, and Object Service. By clicking on pencil icon within object line property-grid one can setup related entities within modal window.

Subgrid in edit mode

New feature for subgrids related to quick edit mode has been introduced. Subgrids allow since some time to create tabs nevertheless the functionality of the Quick Edit has supported quick edit of the first tab only. Recent change introduce quick edit for all Subgrid tabs.

To enable quick edit, to user needs to tick in quick edit property on subline leve.

Users’ view:
Open quick view for subgrid using icon image

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