OrgChart - Organizational Chart serves the purpose of assigning specific (existing) org chart to selected combination of User and Role.

  • Username - automatically populated - selected user.
  • OrgChart - Define orgchart (existing in the system) for selected user.
  • Role - Assign role (existing in the system) for selected user and org chart.
  • Browser - Tick the box for orgchart linked request visibility in Browser.

OrgChart represents functionality how to assign one or more persons of the same role to the request. It is highly recommended if you need specific group of persons. Each OrgChart consists one or more OrgChart Categories that you can add to User in User Management.

Note: It is highly recommended to put string into OrgChart - OrgChart Category - OrgChart Category Value!


Company Intelstudios has different type of Object Types like HR, PR and Sales. In one workflow related to Sales activities is needed to divide group of approvers on B2B and B2C. Admin can solve this issue out through different OrgChart Category.

OrgChart Types

In Xeelo there are two types of OrgChart:

  • SYSTEM: Application User OrgChart (created by system for specific user)
  • Custom OrgChart (others like Sales)

How to add OrgChart

  • Create OrgChart in Admin
    • Create OrgChart (Sales)
    • Create its Category (B2B, B2C etc.)
  • Add OrgChart to User in Admin
    • Add OrgChart Category to User (Sales - B2B)
  • Check OrgChart group on Workflow Status
  • Add Combo-Box on Object with Sales options (B2B, B2C)
    • Reference set in Combo-Box has to have checked Check-Box OrgChart
  • Set one or more options on specific Request