Report result

To successfully create a report result there is a necessary to define a column data output by name and type of order - minimun, maximum, average, summation, group, different, count.

One line should be selected as a distinctive parameter and the entire message, this group must be one key parameter.

Choose suitable type of order for other lines.

For better visualization width of each columns can be set and it can chosen from following options:

  • Style 0 - none, regular wrapping
  • Style 1 - Wrapping - wrap the text
  • Style 2 - No wrapping / no shortening - ensure the text is in one line
  • Style 3 - Shortening - shorten the text to match the field and replace the rest with “…” with tool tip .

After refreshing report structure the result can be displayed by clicking on Link as an Admin or in Report as an User.

Report Result can be displayed in Printout by using this formula {ReportResult 100, idXXX}.

There is a possibility to define if report structure should be refreshed before data are provided to report result. Also is settable interval of refreshing through field Interval.


Report result is also possible get into excel file with macro. Excel file has Refresh button for actualisation of data.

You can find the excel template with macros in Template for Xeelo report into MS Excel (including password) - it is for version 6 and higher.


Downloading of data is under Authorization and from allowed IPs - this has to be set up in Xeelo admin - Report result page:

In case that the admin wants to allow particular IP addresses, is it necessary write them into “External Host” field (,,,etc). Otherwise write a star (*) to allow Report Result to everybody.

In case of password request write in field Secret password. The secret password has to be part of URL address or as a parameter in application (requestor) header. Xeelo first looks for it into URL, then check the header parameters.

In case of Excel downloading of report result, the secret password has to be entered when refresh in excel is starting:

Filter & Condition

Report result filter is present on result header - field filter. Syntax: idsxxx != yyy

Field condition defines condition for a calculation. I.e. the condition is present at a number field (e.g. amount) you need to sum. What records should be sum is defined by the condition. Syntax: idsxxx != yyy

For example: Result Filter ids48 = id2 where ids48 refers to Report Line ID and id2 refers to Object Line ID


In case that admin wants to see report as calendar, please follow the link How to display calendar as a report.

User List

Allows particular user to display report result on Dashboard

Aggregation function

Once admin sets type of report result line, Xeelo uses aggregation function to return report data to user. Usage of function is equal as using group by in SQL statement. Therefore there are very similar types.

Admin can use custom function as well, which aggregates data according to mathematic formula. For i.e.:
cast(floor(sum(id88*60+id89)/60) as varchar) + 'h ' + cast(cast(sum(id89) as int) % 60 as varchar) + 'm'

add Filter & Condition:
For example Result Filter ids48 = id2 : ids48 refers to Report Line ID and id2 refers to Object Line ID

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