Calendar displayed as a Report

Through a Report Result it is possible to display a calendar. Specific requests are then interpreted like events in standard visual calendar.

An Object will consists two main parts:

  • Sections with Lines which are defining events in calendar (Date and Time, Description and Colour)
  • Visualisation of Calendar itself

For an Event definition are used standard Object Lines:

  • Date picker - Date From and Date To
  • Time Picker - Time From and Time To
  • Text Box - Title or the Description of an Event, Colour to differentiate specific Events

For visual representation of the Calendar it is designated Object Line of type Report. Followed by the specification of Properties Result and Graph.

Creating a Report designated to a calendar

Name the Calendar and define three tiles of the Report - Lines (Structure Lines), Sources (Source Lines) and Result (Result Lines and Graph).

Creating a Report Lines which will be filled with specific values from request

Name the Lines similar to the Object Lines representing definition of and Event.

Creating a Source Lines

Source is set as Insert and the following Source Lines are connecting Structure Lines with the Object Lines of an Event.

Structure Line Date From connected to Source Line of an Object Line named Date From etc.

Creating Report Result

Fill the name of the Result and check the parameter Refresh.
Name every line. For all rows the type of a Line is set as a Group. Choose Specific Structure line for every row.

Choose correct Type of Graph for the visualisation - Basic Calendar.

In case report is defined as graph it returns two result sets. One with parameters and one with dataset.


  • Two columns with multiple rows based on the type
  • Code of the graph type
  • Paramter code
  • Paramter value
  • Number of parameter is depended on type of graph

In Parameters tile are following rows to be defined, these parameters are the core of visualisation of the calendar structure and not to influence any Event - request:

For the displaying wanted format of Calendar check every row as needed and hit Save:


Rows in the Dataset carries the information from the request to the Calendar. Number of Rows depends on the number of Source Lines which depends on the number of wanted ObjectLines from the request.

Object Lines => Report Source Lines => Report Result Lines => Calendar Graph Dataset

That means that the data format and the data itself must be consistent and ordered in the most simple way:

Date - Date Picker
Time - Time Picker
Description - Textbox
Colour - Textbox (as a word - red, purple, blue)

  • Returns columns required for graph control
  • Below table is for graph type = Calendar.

Dataset consists of these rows to be defined. Again choose the adequate value from combobox and hit Save.

Detail of a Dataset row:

Now the Request for Object Calendar should look like this: