Bar Chart Graph as a Report

Through a Report Result it is possible to display a Bar Chart Graph. Specific requests are then interpreted like input data for a graph.

An Object will consists two main parts:

  • Sections with Lines which are defining values in a Graph (Axis and specific numbers for columns - rows)
  • Visualisation of Bar Chart Graph itself

For data input definition are used standard Object Lines:

  • Textbox - Axis X segment and Input data
  • Number - Axis X segment and Input data

For visual representation it is important to fill correctly the specification of Properties Report Result and Graph.

Firstly the Report Result Lines must be set:

Choose desired Type of Graph for the visualisation, there are following options:

  • Bar chart vertical
  • Bar chart horizontal
  • Line chart
  • Pie/Doughnut chart (series 1- 5)

For a any Graph the Dataset and Parameters must be specified.

Parameters are predefined and can not be changed:

Specific rows in Dataset must be linked to the Report Result Lines:


Rows in the Dataset carries the information from the request to the Graph. Number of Rows depends on the number of Source Lines which depends on the number of wanted ObjectLines from the request.

Object Lines => Report Source Lines => Report Result Lines => Graph Dataset

When everything is set correctly the Graph should be displayed like this: