Report source

Report should have one or more sources from which report gets all data. Definition of source contains basic properties like Name, Source Object, Order, Data Classification and Lines. In the Lines section, Admin specify mapping for Report Structure Lines. It literally means that data in source line A should be filled in structure line A etc.

The common case is that one source means one object. If the setup contains more sources (objects) it’s necessary to define Type:

  • Insert - insert data into report structure (into some table). I.E. insert Contract #1 as Contract Name, Microsoft as Vendor Name
  • Update - update data within report structure (within some table) I.E. update Contract #1 by adding Vendor City as Prague, Baker street 123 as Vendor Address

Sometimes report has to be constructed from more than one sources. In that case admin specifies which one should be used for inserting and updating. Whenever the report loads data, Xeelo inserts all data from the first source (insert) and update data from the second source (update).

The update has to be managed according to some key. By default, update is based request relations (property Use Relation in particular source). If the property is ticked off, admin has to specify which source line should be the key (property Use for update in particular source line).

Line of Source

Specific information which will be processed, list of provided types of information: Object Line, Fixed Value, Request ID, Requestor Name, Requestor ID. Report Date, Request Type, Request Status, SQL Functions, Last Action Date, Creation Date, Completion Date, Workflow History and Workflow Performance information.

New sources for report were created, specifically History report for line changes: Value, Previous value, User and Date.

In case of choosing Object line there must be defined which line will be reffered to, when the subgrid is used, set specific subgrid and choose line of subgrid.