Printout detail

Request printouts can be used to generate pre-formated PDF documents based on request data.


Admin -> Outputs -> Printout details
Admin -> Outputs -> Printout details -> Conditions
Admin -> Outputs -> Printout details -> Calculations



  • Watermark - for adding watermark in the centre of PDF

PDF Options

  • User Password - for the unlocking the document
  • Owner Password - for the unlocking the document
  • Print Enabled - check-box default Yes
  • Copy Content Enabled - check-box default Yes
  • Edit Content Enabled - check-box default Yes
  • Edit Annotations Enabled - check-box default Yes


Field Description Restictions
Active Indicates if notification is active or inactive.  

Printout Placeholders & Conditions

You can find all placeholders & conditions here

Printout calculations

In progress by Tomas Belak

Temporary calculations

Temporary calculations can be used to calculate concrete values on printouts and display them afterwards. It is essential to use them when you don’t want to occupy slots of object lines where “main” calculations are calculated. You can use several Server calculation types. These calculations are calculated right before the notification is being generated.

How to use temporary calculations:

1) Create a new group of temporary calculations on object where printout is used:

Go to a specific object detail section (Object detail/Temp calc)

  • Create a new group of temporary calulations
  • In the detail of the group of temp calcs, go to: Calculation lines
  • Add a new temp calculation line
  • For ex.:

Note: after a new line of temp calc. is saved, ID is assigned to it.

  • Created temp group (along with temp calc lines) can be applied to the printout (Concrete Temp calc group/Applicable)
    • Tick checkbox of printout to apply temp calculations and save it

Note: Application of temp calcs can be done also on Printout detail

2) Assign the calculation on printout:

  • Go to a specific printout detail
  • Check if temp calculations are applied (section Temp calc)
    • if not, tick the checkbox to apply it

  • Now in the section Format where printout details are set, assign the calculation with placeholder:
    • {TempCalc,idxx} - idxx = id of temp calculation line (in our case id13)

  • When printout is generated, value of temp calc should be calculated


It is possible to assign a Message to a Printout. Messages work the same as in Objects. They allow complex validation of the printout on server side and can be defined in rich text format. These messages are triggered when action “Export to PDF” is performed.

Three types of Message can be defined:

  • Error - Printout will not be possible to print (Error style - red)
  • Warning - Printout will be possible to print (Warning style - yellow)
  • Success - Printout will be possible to print (Success style - blue)

Message can be created in:

  1. Object

    • Object / Messages
  2. Printout

After the message is created, it should be also assigned on a specific Printout.
This can be done on the Printout itself (Printou / Messages)

Don’t forget to add conditions to the Message, so it is displayed only when required!