Introduction for Training


Xeelo is universal platform for digitalisation processes. It is based on populating request and moving it through the workflow by configured rules. It contains a various type of features that the attendee of training will go through. Those features and their descriptions is possible to find in knowledge base section.

Xeelo environments

Xeelo platform consists of two main environments which are divided by purpose of use.

Hint: If you want process request look for Xeelo User (table with request). If you want to configure anything look for Xeelo Admin (tiles).

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Xeelo User

Environment containing complete process configured in administration. It is used by ordinary user in company who process business data (overtime requests, invoices timesheets etc.). The main purpose of Xeelo User environment is to manage process requests and keep business running.

More about Xeelo User.

Xeelo Admin

Environment containing configuration of process. It is usually used by specialized user in company like Process Architect, Process Manager, IT Architect etc. who configures business process structure data (configuration of invoicing process etc.). The main purpose of Xeelo Admin environment is to setup process and manage maintenance.

More about Xeelo Admin.

How to configure the process in Xeelo

The entire process of digitalisation has 3 phases (analysis, configuration, testing). First, it is necessary to analyze the process. Once the process is analyzed and the diagrams (UML etc.) are modeled, that’s the right time to start configuring in Xeelo Administration and simultiously test the solution in Xeelo User environment. By the development guidelines, it is recommended to divide a big issue into more small issues that the administrator can configure and test partially. In the end, the complex solution should be tested by other users to prove that the solution is stable and without any bugs.

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At the picture below (show detail), there is described basic architecture diagram. Xeelo is built on MVC principle, therefore it consists of 3 layers:

  1. Model (MS SQL)
  2. Controller (.NET MVC)
  3. View (HTML, CSS and JS Angular 4.0)

It should be obvious that Xeelo uses Windows Server OS with IIS, MS SQL database and web-browser.

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