Admin Standard Training - Certification

Basic Information

  • Certification Time
    • Days: 2
    • Place: no specific place needed
  • Attendee Requirements
    • Computer based
    • Internet connection required
    • Google Chrome Browser installation required
  • Requirements
    • Attendees will receive own training environment each
  • Allowed Help
    • Xeelo Forum
    • Previous Projects

Required Knowledge

  • Application Settings
  • Companies
  • Object Types
  • Objects
  • Templates
  • Workflows
  • Roles
  • Status
  • References
  • Autonumbers
  • Sub-grids
  • Lookups
  • Exports
  • Imports
  • Notifications
  • Report
  • User
  • OrgChart / Owner
  • Periodic
  • Scheduler

Case Study Certee LTD.

Company Certee LTD. is looking for a solution for business trip (travel) management. They have established some processes but the current situation is very poor without any transparency, cost effectivity and reporting. Therefore, they desperately need your help with re-design of processes and configuration them in Xeelo.

Actual situation

In previous year, a lot of business trips were made without any approval which costs company considerable amount of money. Therefore, chief financial officer decided to implement a new solution which makes the entire process transparent, trackable, cost effective and last but not least more environmental friendly (no paper).

Another issue related to travelling in company is storing traveller expenses and assigning them to particular business trips. Expenses like invoices, bills and other documents used in compensation process are not assigned to business trip now. Therefore, they have no informational value and can’t be used for reporting for management.

In the same time, the expense process is very poorly established. It’s necessary to re-design the entire process and create approval steps. According to management, there must be used two-phase approval:

  1. Approval of particular item in expense depending on expense category threshold (additional approver)
  2. Approval of entire expense (standard approver)

New design of Travel and Expense processes

As a senior analytic consultant, you already agreed to re-design processes which they struggle with. After a few days and a few meetings with process stakeholders, you came up with diagrams describing entire solution. But you couldn’t go any further without decision of management, so you prepared presentation containing these parts:

Congratulation! It was a big success, you got a new client and celebrated it with your colleagues till midnight. The next morning was a little bit “grey” so you started very easy with Xeelo installation. Everything went smoothly so you decided to make a coffee and let it to another day. Unfortunately a second big project came across next morning so you got under pressure of deadline calls. You delivered the second project on time but you have only 2 days before deadline now!

Alright, back to hard work… you have everything prepared for setting processes up in Xeelo. Moreover, Xeelo is easy to configure and you don’t have to wait for busy/lazy programmers. So let’s do it!

Hard work

The main goal is to configure travel and expense management according to diagrams above. You can either, follow the skeleton below or configure the solution on your own.

The skeleton below should be used as a hint how to configure the solution. They are not step-by-step guide!

  1. Set necessary Application settings - System tab
  2. Company
  3. Object type
  4. Object Travel
  5. Sub-grid called Travellers and add it onto Travel object
  6. Workflow Travel - Create
  7. User and check the new object in Xeelo User
  8. Object Expense Category
  9. Workflow Expense Category - Create
  10. Reference Expense Category
  11. Lookup Expense Category - Category Price Threshold
  12. Lookup Expense Category - Category Approver
  13. Object Expense
  14. Sub-grid Expense Items with Expense Category reference and add to Expense
  15. Workflow Expense - Create
  16. Notification Expense to Approve
  17. Report from complete Expense request, filtered by Travel ID. Add the report into object Travel
  18. Internal Import for generating Expense according to Travellers sub-grid. One sub-grid line must equal one Expense request.

    Be careful with import definition (create new, update) and unique IDs. The Expense ID should calculate according to combination Travel ID and Traveller user ID. See documentation here.

  19. OrgChart/Owner functionality to allow Category Approver (only) approves the request. Category Approver receives the request for approval only if Price is higher than Expense Price Threshold - use Expense Category lookups
  20. Periodic and Scheduler to send Expense request to complete status if Travel end date is higher than today date
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