As a Super Admin it is possible to create a new Administrator and define his parameters (User Login, User Email, User Name and Authentication type - listed from previously created schemes).

Access to specific Sites and DX Companies is granted through Action Buttons:

  • Assigned Sites (checkbox indicate if Admin can Manage Content and Users)
  • DX Companies

When resetting password the link is sent to User Email adress.

Overview of User Access in Admin

Under the Superadmin for the Site and DX Company there is an action button with Access. When it is clicked it will list all users that have access to current Site or DX Company.

It is possible to edit - Add or disable User acccess with the respective attributes (Manage Content and Manage Users).


List of sites that the administrator has granted access. Newly, it is possible to grant access to individual functionality like creating Objects etc.

Data Exchange

Admin Web Log

List of executed changes and actions sorted by Date and Log Level.

LDAP Configuration

Specific LDAP Configuration must created when this type of authentication.