Object Template

Every object and subgrid must have its own Template which is set as default and workflow of object is defined in a field Workflow Name and it is also mandatory.

Object and subgrid can have multiple different Templates. If one of them is set as default, all object template line configuration (calculation, validations etc.) are inherited for other templates. Obviously, one of other template can have a new configuration which suppresses the one from default template.

The main functionality is to offer variations of one object for multiple usage, e.g. object Person gathers information about people connected to a certain company, but there are more then one types of person as an employee, customer or partner, for each type of person can be created template with diffrent setting.

If admin uses owner functionality in workflow, he can set different Owner Access Level. The owner assigned to any request using the template receives rights based on it. For example Edit based on workflow step (including completed) means that the owner has exactly the same rights for editing of request like ordinary assigned user, plus he can edit the request in completed status.

Access and visibility

For every object line can be set its editability and visibility in these categories:

  • Access
  • Access Owner
  • Access View
  • Access External

Access definition

Access definiton section is the same for templates as for lines.

External request

It is possible to create request without being signed to Xeelo or have a user access.

When creating an object in Templates - Access External there is a possibility to set visible and editable those lines which are supposed to be proccessed by an external user.

External Link provides a link to certain object and its lines, after saving an object the request is created.

When the link to external request is opened from iframe then the request is displayed automatically without previous need to click on any button.


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