After user has successfully logged in, Home page is displayed (Home page).

If you need to get back to Home page, just click on any page on Xeelo logo marked as „Return to Home page“.

Breadcrumbs navigation level

It is possible to use breadcrumb navigation for movement in the application (Breadcrumbs navigation). If you work in particular sections, in the upper grid you can always find a path which you used. If you need to get back to previous screen or eventually to Home page you can click on a particular breadcrumbs navigation level (see Breadcrumbs navigation level - where you can see example of how to get back to Inbox from request detail). In case some changes have been made and you use breadcrumbs navigation for a movement then these changes will not be saved!


  • Username of current logged user is displayed in the right upper grid. (Username)
  • Click on the username in right upper grid, following options are displayed: (User options)
  • My Profile (See section “MyProfile”)
  • My Requests (See section “MyRequest”)
  • My Inbox (See section “MyInbox”)
  • Log out

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