Data Classification

Data Classification provides functionality how to hide data exported out from the Xeelo platform.

Company can control or process data that could be personal, sensitive or very important for them. Those data are very important for smooth run of the company and give them a competitive advantage in field of the specific business. It’s absolutely unthinkable for the company to share or loose data like clients payment details, invoices, HR personal data etc. It must be protected by some powerful tool. For that reason Xeelo introduces Data Classification!

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So how to protect my data?

It is really simple. In three steps, you can control how data from Xeelo are exported:

  1. Define security levels in Data Classification section
  2. Define Classification of each Object Line
  3. Define Output Classification

If Object Line Data Classification (Order) is lower than Output Data Classification (Order) then the transformation is performed.

Data Classification list

First, it is important to create Data Classification list. Each row has an Name of classification and Order that is the most important here. By Order, Admin can define levels of “security” in Xeelo.

Define Classification in Object Detail

Second, admin has to define the right classification for each Object Line. Just set the classification level in Object Line.

After selection you can see different type of Data Classification in Object Detail and Template Access

Define Output Classification

Third, admin has to define output classification in different admin section. The feature could be used for Report source, Export to excel, Export to file / internal, Export audit, Notification and Printouts.


The feature does two transformation:

  • Characters are transformed into stars (*)
  • Numbers are transformed into zeros (0)