Basic Navigation

Use web browser to get into application. You will need to login first.

After Login screen is displayed, fill in necessary fields to perform login:

  • Username: fill in login username which has been assigned to you by administrator.
  • Enter password: fill in login password which was sent to your email account (password can be changed later, see Change password).
  • Remember: this field is used for user remembering.
  • Forgot Password ?: In case you forgot your password, click on „Forgot password ?“, new dialog will be shown (Forgot password?) where you can fill your email address which is set to your account. To confirm sending a new password, click on SUBMIT button. New password will be sent to your email address. Then follow described procedure.
  • LOGIN: When your login credentials are set, click on LOGIN button to log into the application.

Usually when user is inactive in the system for quite a long time, system will close the session and when user tries to make some action he/she will be asked to login with credentials.

It is possible to confirm the login with “Enter” key.