Application Settings for Administration

This article contains all settings which are located in Xeelo Admin - Application Settings and are related to Xeelo Administration only.

If you are looking for settings related to particular User environment (Prod, Test, Local Dev Test etc.), please follow the link here.


SMTP mail server values, notification email address, timeout and an options related to admin. The SMTP settings is used for reseting password for administrator etc.


All settings related to administration and Data Exchange

Settings Description
HTTP address of application server Address is used when system (admin) notification is generated
Access Token Expiration (min) Definition of how long can admin be logged in without activity
Google Translate API Key Hash key for Google Translate API functionality. It is generated by Google Translator
Admin WebLog retention (days) Definition of how long should administration keep records in WebLog
DX Task Run log retention (days) Definition of how long should instance of Data Exchange keep records in Task Run Log