Types of form fields

Form in request detail is divided into two sections (left and right). Fields that can be filled are divided according to Xeelo setup.

Each section displays tabs according to object type setup.

In case that in tab is a mandatory field, it’s marked with red exclamation mark. Request cannot be created if mandatory fields are not filled.

Request detail form can have these fields:

Text box
Text can be defined in Text box in one row.

Text box with mask
Text box with mask is underlined with underscore. Underscore is used for length limit and definition which characters can be used. Mask can also define shape of the text. For ex.: Post code (999 88), VAT ID (CZ0123456789) etc.

Multi-line text box
Text can be defined in multi-line text box (not just in one row).

Value is not defined in this field, but has to be selected from the list. This list has pre-defined values according to setup.

Selection is done:

Point your mouse to selected value and click.
Using keyboard arrows and confirming by Enter.
Text can be defined (or just first character of desired value) which will display only values that fits to this definition. Then follow one of previous procedures.

Combo-box with search
Value is not defined in this field but it has to be selected from the list. User can specify text which will be taken for filtering in the list. In case you want to cancel specified selection, click on „x“ mark. Field content will be deleted and a new selection can be made.

In this field, it is possible to attach a file. Click on button „Select file“, then select the file from your local folders. Attachment supports Drag&Drop functionality. When field already contains a file then it is overridden.

Date can be specified by clicking on „Date“ icon. Calendar will be displayed and user can select concrete date – click on a specific day. To move in calendar, use little arrows or arrows on your keyboard. If you need to select a year then click on the month. Month will be changed to year, if you click again on a year, year decades will be displayed.

Checkbox field has only two options - Yes and No. Click on this field to define desired option.

Sub grid
As mentioned before, sub-grid is a special form that can be set to concrete object type. By clicking on button „Add“, new window will be displayed with fields that can be specified.

After clicking on „Add“ button, new form is displayed with defined fields that can be filled. Again mandatory fields have to be filled, otherwise all defined values cannot be saved. To save sub-grid, click on button „Save“. If you want to cancel current input, click on button „Cancel“.

When sub-grid with defined values is successfully saved, user is notified with a small notification window.

To delete saved values in the sub-grid, click on the concrete line of a sub-grid. Detail of a sub-grid will be shown with specified values. User can then edit these values or delete this concrete line of sub-grid completely by button „Delete“.

Subgrid detail

This field is used for filling only numbers.

Memo is used as a „free text field“ with many options like attaching picture, defining a link, formatting of text and many more.

Report is only informative and displays values that are linked with current request.

Web-frame is just an informative field. User can see data from a different source than Xeelo (from web, different application etc.).

Empty space
Empty space cannot be filled/selected, its essence lies as informative field.

User can also add comment in request detail. In Comments tab, click on (+) sign. Field for adding comment will be displayed also with a possibility to add attachment.

Click on „Attachment“ and select file which is going to be attached.

Click on button Save to add comment along with attached file. If you want to cancel comment adding, click on „X“ mark.

Note: Only one attachment can be attached to one comment. If you need to attach more files, you need to create a new comment.

After all fields are defined and new request is ready to be sent for approval, it needs to be saved first. Save the request by clicking on button Actions/Save. In case you don’t want to save current request, just click on button Close.