Rebuild of reference (value / bind)


(Tomas Belak) #1

Backend and database structure around object line source (references) has been rebuilt due to performance issues we have with lists above 1000+ records. All this is done in version 2017-07.001.

Change 1:
ValueBind is now always populated column and application is working only with Bind value. Until now there was dynamic calculation working with empty Bind in combination with regular Value column. All required procedures were changed including trigger and post deploy script to populate empty bind values with values. In case you will have problems with reference ensure that bind value is populated.

Change 2:
Redesign of indexes on reference value and reference value filter that will bring 40%+ performance improvements for filtered references.

Change 3:
On reference header you can define if reference should be sorted. Default value is sorting enabled and switching of this feature is having 70%+ performance improvement for reference (if not sorted).

Change 4:
The biggest change is full redesign of combo-box (server). Until now the whole list was loaded into web server and then filtered. From now is this filtering done on SQL server via AJAX and to web server we send only 1000 rows. Minimum number of characters for search is three and search is case and accent insensitive. There are some limitations in search but the performance improvement is major.

(Tomas Belak) #2

We implemented other performance improvements in Xeelo for references. Please test references with and without filter and various types of combo-boxed (regular, search and server). Major changes are on combo-box server.