Possibility to defined different OnGrid across modules


(Tomas Belak) #1

In version 2017-07.001 will be possibility to define different OnGrid layout for the following modules / parts:

  • Inbox
  • Browser
  • MyRequest
  • Relation grid
  • Relation map

(ladislav.janik) #2

Will be there option to setup only one OnGrid for all grids? Or all grids must be set one by one?
It would be great if it will work in same way like templates - Default vs. others.

(Tomas Belak) #3

There will be one that is currently used as “General” so in case you don’t have defined OnGrid for example for Inbox then General definition will be used.

On top of that you can copy General definition into any of the module specific and do just adjustment so you don’t need to set each of them from the scratch.

(ladislav.janik) #4

OK, this sounds really good.