Extension of initial import


(Tomas Belak) #1

Initial import was extended to cover also import of sub-grid data in the same way as request data.

It is important to keep in mind that initial import is not uploading data for object line types memo, web-frame and attachment.

This feature is available in version 2017-06.001.

(Michal Jurnik) #2

Where I can find initial import or who I should ask for it?

(ladislav.janik) #3

Actually you can execute Initial Import from sql by following code:

declare @ImportDataBatchID int = 335

exec dbo.spImportDataProcess @ImportDataBatchID, 1

The parameter 1 means Initial Import.
In procedure spRequestRefreshGeneral you can search for InitialImport and you will see what will be done on initial import.

(Michal Jurnik) #4

Thank you a lot.

I have one more question. I tried to import TOP 10 rows and it was successful. Unfortunately, I am getting now Duplicate import data record. Do you know how to erase the data or skip the first 10 rows from the select.

(Michal Jurnik) #5

Should be able to add EXCEPT into SQL statement to prevent duplicities.

(Tomas Belak) #6

Import data records are not ok. You have same section id, unique request data and unique request sub data. Ensure you enter proper data into ImportData table.

(ladislav.janik) #7

Check if you have requests really deleted. I had similar issue if I had requests deleted only by RequestIsSubmitted = 0

(Tomas Belak) #8

Just for your information: duplicity check is running also across not-submitted request. This is not error but required feature. The reason can be somebody is currently preparing request that is not submitted with the same ID and therefore system have to check also not-submitted requests in order to ensure uniqueness.

(Michal Jurnik) #9

I used SQL statement (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/t-sql/language-elements/set-operators-except-and-intersect-transact-sql) to get proper data for import.